Sunday, August 30, 2015

"Discussion Tightrope - Room-2358"

This gallery is a friendly place where lonely individuals wander in and then tend to linger - striking up conversations with one of the gallery owners.  Conversations tend to go/get long, and perceptive visitors start to sense a rising tension in whichever owner they are talking with/to.  It's a difficult dance gallery owners (and visitors, for that matter) have - on the one hand you want to be friendly, but on the other, you need to not spend too much time with one person.

For the rental galleries in particular, it's difficult for the owner, since they're never sure which of the people they're talking to might be future customers - wanting to rent the space for a week-long exhibition.

On the dealer end of the spectrum (not this gallery!), they tend to be Very Blunt and even seem to enjoy being Very Rude - a snobbery thing I suppose - like a tip-hungry food server licking the shoes of customers they expect to pay them a large tip, and basically spitting on customers they judge to not be high tippers (Yeah, you got that right - I'm not a big fan of snobby galleries or restaurants - in fact, I think the tipping system in restaurants in most countries is downright evil).


"Hot Florescent Room-2062"

There have been many interesting exhibitions at this gallery - but it tends to be about 35C (in the winter) and has convenience store style over-lighting with banks of (too many) florescent lights.  As one of the artists exhibiting there explained to me once, the idea is that people's homes are similarly over-lit with florescent lighting, so it's best(?) to mimic that in the gallery so they're not surprised to see a picture they buy under one kind of lighting look different when it is later (after purchasing) put under different lighting in the customer's home.  Maybe the gallery owner will change their mind with the increasing number of people who are opting for yellow-tinted LED lighting (mimicking incandescent lighting) in their homes....