Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Why Room-2260?"

Why start with Room-2260?  Good question.  Basically because I've been putting off starting this story for far too long and - for some reason - Room-2260 came to mind when I decided - today, January 1st, 2014 - to just start this already and get the story rolling.  There's much to say - from mundane to otherwise.  To get started, I suppose mundane details are as good as anything.
The SBS-268 Building is much beloved by its tenants and the people who know it well, but tends to be off the radar screen for most of the world, although its quiet fame is spreading.  Its tenants include art galleries, antique shops, office space, storage space, and other uses not generally known.

The building itself is old - having been completed in 1933, and it has mysterious dead spaces (sealed off parts that had a function in decades past), bits of former equipment (steam heating pipes, etc.) and... many other details that we'll come to later.  To get a feeling for the atmosphere, I'm including the photo above, which is (primarily) composed of images from a different building that was constructed in the same era.

And - well... that's a start.  We'll come back to Room-2260 later!  The building in this story is fiction, with bits of a kind of reality tossed into the mix.


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